Sunday, August 17, 2014

Everything Is Coming Up Roses!

Remember this fun little mess?
 I thought to myself...what would happen if I played with just my favorites?
That turned into this!
Which I love!
I call her "Prairie Rose"!
And I love it in any size!
 I am making this for a new Baby Rose! (Shhh! for this couple, remember?)

On top of all this fun new block excitement, I have indeed changed the name of this blog to
"Cedar Fork Stitches"!

To celebrate both, I have made up a little tutorial for the "Prairie Rose"!

Materials Needed for a 9" block:
2 1/2" charms:  2 for the "center", 4 for the "middle", 6 for the "outer"
12 total
12 2 1/2" white squares
12 2" white squares
Mark each 2 1/2" white square on the diagonal
Match up one charm with each of the 2 1/2" white squares, right sides together and make half-square triangles out of all of them, stitching 1/4" to each side of the marked line. Cut apart on the diagonal.

Trim to 2"

 A nice, neat little stack of 24 HSTs :)

Arrange like this:
Sew into rows.  Sew the rows together.
This block lends itself really well to "web" construction. 
If you have never sewn a "web", Linda @ Flourishing Palms has a very thorough tutorial!
It looks like this:
flip the 2nd column onto the 1st column

stack in order from top to bottom and carry to your machine

chain piece in order

make a stack of the 3rd column, from top to bottom

stacks 3, 4, 5, and 6, all in top-to-bottom order

chain piece without cutting the rows apart
It looks like this when it is all done, about 15 minutes later!
It is a lot easier to do than to explain!
see the connecting threads?
 Take the "web" to your iron, and press rows in alternate directions

Sew row to row, another 15 minutes and,

I just may end up with the prettiest rose garden in the county!

Thanks again for your generous feedback a few days ago regarding bloggy stuff!  
I appreciate you, my quilty bloggy friends, more than you know!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Something

The highway of the upright is to depart from evil:  
he that keeps his way, preserves his soul.
Prov 16:17

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Question For You...

Bloggy quandary ahead, proceed at your own risk!
When I set up this blog, the "Here We Are" blog address was already taken, so I used "cedarfork" for the blogspot address.  It has always bugged me that the name of my blog doesn't match it's blogspot addy...would it bother you folks much if I changed the title of my blog to Cedar Fork?

  The idea only occurred to me this morning.  Another option is this, I also have the original blog I started for barn quilts called "Prairie Patchworks".  Would it be worth the the work to "export/import" this blog to that one...thus unifying everything: my email, blog title and blog addy...and etsy shop?

It is confusing isn't it?  The whole thing came up to my mind as a result of thinking of watermarking some of my photos.  "Here We Are" is just  a title, cedarfork is unrecognizable because it is just an addy. Prairie Patchworks is easily found if you are looking for barn quilts, but who wants to find all this if you're searching for barn quilts?  And then there is the question of you all finding me again if I "switch over" to Prairie Patchworks...this is going to take a bit more muddling through I think!  
Any input from blogland would be very, very much appreciated!
  A bloggy quandary, indeed!

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Little Friday Fun

Today started like this....I wanted to share all these decisions with you!
free HSTs from Fly Home quilt
I just left these all over the floor yesterday, and rearranged them every time I came in for a break from the heat!  And if I "randomized" them, there would be that many more options!!! I am in no real hurry to decide...but we're percolatin' :)

Then Ben and I went to town...

And this was going on!
The first day of weekend long festivities to celebrate 100 years of life in Winnett! 
Main Street was just a-hoppin'!
And lo and behold, through this inauspicious door....
 County quilts were on display!
 What an unexpected treat!

 The fabrics were fascinating to me!
 How beautiful!
 I thought this was very appropriate, given my HST quandary of the hour :)
 Look at those patterns, will you!!!

The town was a-buzz with activity for the Centennial Celebration!
Ben and I both took rides in the antique autos...but missed out on the horse wagon.
We went to a yard sale!
Rounded out the afternoon with a sheep dressing contest at the rodeo grounds!

 Then it was time for the long road home
 But it was a different road than usual.
 A welcome change of scenery :)
Commemorative postcard
Happy 100 years, Winnett, Montana!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Q3 Finish-along...In Again!

Keeping it real simple this time!
Real posers!

1.  Awesome October Quilt
This deserves to be finished!  
Made in 2011 with my very first online fabric purchase(s!): Awesome, by Sandy Gervais :)
I am fact I just recently took advantage of a Flash Sale at Fat Quarter Shop!
 Bought 3 1/2 yards of S'more Love fabric for backing...for 20 bucks!  

2.  Great-Grandmother's Dresdens

It's time.
Making these into 5 different quilts...tops are assembled.
1 finish per quilt, for a possible 5 total finishes, 'kay?

I have other in-progress things, but by limiting my list, I am hoping it will help to prioritize these!

So that's it for again!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

June Highlights

We have officially welcomed Summer!
 With fishing
  a flower or two,
 and more fishing!
this is why we fish, really :)

 This happened one day. 
While having lunch with our Sheriff/fire-fighting friend, he was called away to a truck fire...
 And since we heard it was the UPS truck, which is driven by one of our favorite people out here, we followed him.
what was left of the UPS truck!
 We spent an hour or two, just lending "moral support" to Cal, who was unhurt, and grateful.

We began our building project of the Summer!
a straw bale shop
 Another sunrise
 Ring necked pheasant baby...before he could fly well :)
 29 years and still honeymoonin' ;)
 Another sunset...

 Did you know Montana has resident White Pelicans?
Ben was happy to catch this "squadron" as they flew toward FT. Peck lake

 Ye Olde Fishing Hole

 Probably the biggest, most anticipated event of the month was a long-range shooting get-together that was arranged between Hubs and the boys with about a half dozen online forum friends!
Hubs took this picture just for me :)
 A Weekend Camp set up...
 The boys timing each other on some close range "Cowboy Action" targets
Their equivalent of a "quilting retreat" :) 
The boys were in "their element" and had a great time with new "old" friends :)

Okay, another sunset! 
 Spending some weekends up at the big lake...

35" Northern Pike!
 Tug in need of mid-hike refreshment...
testing the water :)

mmmm, just right!

our yard is filled with Morning Glories...and I don't mind!
 Another sunrise :)

playing in the river
 The boys are taking up a new craft!
 leather work!
a pretty excellent first try at it!
A new little flock of "Says Phoebes"
 And the antlers continue to grow....

And don't forget, this was also the month of the Chicken Run Giveaway, I finished the Voyageur Quilt, the beginning of the Flowering Snowball Quilt-Along, and my very first cushion! 
Already more sewing than I anticipated for the busy, warm season!

Happy Summer!