Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Is Fun!

I got to play on a new quilt design website, for FREE! 
And you can too!
The website is Pattern Jam 

To help get the word out, Alyce @ BlossomHeartQuilts is hosting a quilt design/giveaway to help us get acquainted with this fun new and accessible way to visualize, and materialize(!) all those quilts spinning around in our heads ;)

Here is my first entry (you may enter 2 in the contest!),
 using Up Parasol, and gingham, of course, with a border of Emmy Grace!

And my second, using Miss Kate!  This could be addicting!  The fabric calculations alone are wonderful! 

And I also discovered you may purchase a "custom pattern"...and there are some really fun ones... and customize it from Pattern Jam's fabric library!  Very cool, such a great idea!

All the contest info is at Blossom Heart Quilts, and Pattern Jam is super user friendly.
See what you come up with!
The winner of the contest wins the fabric they use in their design!  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It Started Better than it Finished!

It started with a can of beautiful aqua spray paint...
My ironing board makeover!
I found the perfect orange to go with it...
I was hoping to be able to use the old cover as a pattern, along with it's elastic.
It was evident that wouldn't work as soon as I took it apart because the elastic band was soo was beyond me how I could accomplish attaching it to a new fabric. 
So I looked at a couple different tutorials, and when AmandaJean recovered hers last week, it pushed me over the edge...I had to commit to finish this!
I could handle this, surely...
 Actually not really even close!
 Believe it or not, I had my board up on the table, tracing around it etc etc.
It is so pitiful! It is just balanced on that board, barely hangin' on!

I see a trip to WalMart in my near future...for a new ironing board cover!
On the bright side, I have a couple nice pieces of orange Lotta to put in a much more deserving project!
could it be my subconcious self couldn't bear the thought of this fabric becoming all used up on the ironing board? hmmmm  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits!

 I made a couple little "Taggies"
 for baby boys!
 I love those camo fishes!
 I made a couple more blocks for my "Prairie Rose Garden"...
Yes, it has become a "thing"...a Kate Spain/gingham "thing", at that!

Happily linking up with Blossom Heart Quilts Sew Cute Tuesday!

Friday, September 5, 2014

2 Babies! 2 More Roses!

It ain't over folks!  
I am still completely in love with this silly block!
I started out with the biggest square I could get from my last scrap of the Bonnie and Camille print...something around 8".
When I placed my order for more gingham, I failed to realize it was flannel!  But it is a happy accident!  I love it, and used it for the binding too!
The amazing polka dot roses on the back are "Falling Roses" by Tanya Whelan.
1 Prairie Rose!
It finished out at 45" x 45"...and will be winging it's way to Hawaii soon!

These were picked with a purple-ish nursery in mind...
I just love the gray on gray for the background.  I picked all these up at Joanns, and have ordered a flannel version of the gray for the backing!
It will measure right at 40" x 40", using 1 yard of the background, and 1/2 yard of each of the solids.
2 Prairie Rose!
I could obviously make these all day long...such a fun easy little quilt, and so many different possibilities!
You can find my tutorial for a 9 inch version of this block here!
Do you have a current block obsession? 
 I would love to know what it is!

linking up with CrazyMomQuilts, for the first time in ages it seems like!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Highlights

Two words for August:
Fire and Flood !
 But smoke can make for some purty pictures :)

Then it rained...
 and the river rose...
from 3-4 ft to a little over 14 ft!!

the boys always make the most of it!
see what I mean!


 and kept rising!

I don't think we have to worry about fire anymore...
our driveway
I killed this bugger under our front porch!
a prairie rattle snake...thank you Tug, for the warning!
 Everything was a mite bedraggled after 3 days, and 10" of rain!

okay, three words
Fire, Flood and Turkeys...
many turkey broods spent many August days around and about our house!
There was sewing too:)

no storm lasts forever!

Is it crazy  I could not resist the pattern of mud on this window?
I crack me up sometimes! :)

One more month of  this quarter...I better get busy, I've no Finish Along finishes to show for it yet!!!
my happy sunny August faces!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Current Conditions...

Flooding, with a chance of sunflowers!

here it comes...

2011, revisited

the neighbors dropped by :)
We interrupt our regularly scheduled sewing to bring you the second "400 year flood" in five years :)
This country is not made for 10 inches of rain in a 3 day period.
No worries, though, we are above water, and spending the day with some good neighbors, watching the river go by :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Of Foot Pedals and Handy Husbands

  If your machine begins to hit warp speed every time you touch the pedal, all is not lost...
It helps to have a handy husband, but is completely fixable with a screwdriver and a pocketknife.

A screwdriver to unscrew, then pry the bottom plate off the foot pedal...

A pocketknife to fleck that bothersome, crusty little knob off that brass lever.
The hubs tells me that the formation of that "knob" is the result of a little bit of "arcing", and that it is actually a little piece of built up"slag" or metal, causing premature contact, resulting in aforementioned "warp speed".
Sounds reasonable to me!
 Thanks Honey!

Until it builds up again, we are off and hummin'!