Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Itty Bitty Wednesday

1 1/2"

2 1/4"


For no particular reason....just waiting on the mail :)
I hope you are having a happy week!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fun-turned-work-turned-fun in progress!

Still fun...
Wait! Not fun!

Still not the fun I had in mind...

Okay, now I am just getting daffy....

What's a girl to dooooo??

Seriously? I turned to the only person who could help me out of my drowned out scrappy bland funk...why, Brigitte Heitland herself! Why not, I mean, I follow Zen Chic on FaceBook, right?!
can you believe it...she not only gave me "the time of day", but gave me a condensed, personal class on contrast, color and value....all in a personal message...with pictures to illustrate!!!!
 *jaw. dropped*
So now we are going in this direction...

Or this....

But I am out of gray, so this will sit for the time being....and those 4 patches? A whole nother quilt, I'm thinking. 
Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Something new...Q4 finish #3!

From my Q4 list: operating from the iPad and haven't figured out how to link pretty to my other posts, sorry!!

Bag making 101, right here at Cedar Fork Stitches!
The raw materials:     Some scraps from my Weeds layer cake, some Kona scraps, osnaburg, and ultra suede in green(?)...

Or black?

I decided to go with the black ultrasuede...a substance entirely new to me, gifted some time ago by my brother-in-law.

Although I can visualize what it is I want in terms of size/dimensions...I needed a little help to know how to arrive at those dimensions, without experimenting with my limited project fabrics!

Has anyone else used an old *saved* chip bag as a "trial size" pattern?? 
The real question is, has anyone else saved an old chip bag, much less, boxed the corners on one :) 

Hehehe! Not to worry, no fabric scissors were harmed in the making of this plastic bag! :)

Here is what I had by the end of the afternoon...
I intended to keep binding on my "awesome" quilt after supper, but I couldn't turn away from the bag.
I was just too close....
I only had to redo the *twisted* strap once!
I included a pocket, and managed to get it on the correct side of the bag :)

I don't think it will look this "tidy" with stuff in it!
Nonetheless, pretty tickled with my first bag-making attempt :)
Kinda "preppy-tote-y", don't ya think? :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fourth Q4 Finish...Awesome, totally!

It all began with my first online fabric purchase back in January of 2011!
2 charm packs (!) of Awesome by Sandy Gervais. Mmmmm, charm packs!!!
All I knew was that I wanted many many triangles.
By the time all was said and done, quite a bit more yardage had been acquired.
By mid October, I was on my way to a finished top! 

I knew nothing about trimming HSTs back then, so I consider it very good fortune that the quilt is as square and flat as it is...but the points don't match so well.
And so it has been folded up in a tub for the last several years, as I bought more fabric and made more quilts! I had originally wanted an orange fleece backing, but then changed my mind several times as I would see different fun quilting techniques, especially big stitch quilting with perle cottons.
But in the end, the big orange fleece won my heart back!!!
Of course, the binding had been in waiting as long as the top....
I have taken to basting my binding, to keep it from feeding unevenly as I sew it to the quilt.
Learned that little tip from Red Pepper Quilts :)

                       Simple pleasures...Happiness is orange thread
To machine bind, or not to machine bind?
Not to! :)

Finished the last stitch on this wonder-Fall quilt on Thanksgiving Day :) 

It has a wonderful drape and weight with the fleece backing...I am sure this will be a much-used favorite!

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Corner of the Quilting World

Welcome to my stop on The Around the World Blog Tour!
I am glad you're here! 
This is the stop that almost wasn't, and still isn't going to be much, as I am in the midst of rather serious technical difficulties, involving our PC and all our photos etc, and trying to figure out how to make a post from my iPad! Boo. But at least I have an iPad!

Be that as it may, I was super busy when I received a lovely invite from 
Shauna at lovinquiltin, back in October.
 I knew I just couldn't squeeze it in, but it certainly got me to thinking....
Fast forward a couple weeks, and things had slowed a bit and I received a second invite from
Pam at Jump Cut Arts, who asked, ever so nicely:
What are you working on?
Is this not the perfect project for this time of year? 
My "Awesome Quilt", made back in 2010-ish, with my very first online fabric purchases...2 charm packs of Awesome, by Sandy Gervais 
(this is where a link to that momentous occasion would be nice! Sorry!) 
...and so it began again, this wonderful adventure in sewing!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
This is a rather fancy question for someone who operates mostly on a whim! 
I like simple, and I go on kicks...
Coasters, chickens, half-square triangles, bracelets, gingham,etc.

Here are a couple of my latest hens, Rosa and Collette, who will soon be winging their way to my sister, and her dearest friend, who both love pink!
I made a tutorial for these, which I would link to...but you may find it on my Tutorials page :)

 Why do I write/create what I do?
Another fancy question! 
The greatest advance that this modern quilting and blogging world has provided me,
is the capacity, through techniques and designs, to FINISH quilts!
I love that!
The project that took me the longest to complete was my Anniversary Quilt...24 years in the making!
(If I get my PC back, I promise to put a link to this momentous occasion, too!)

As a result of that, I tend to finish what I start these days.  In fact the Awesome quilt is presently my longest standing UFO, and it is almost finished :)
My UFO stack :)

What I guess I am trying to say, is that "I make what I do" simply because I can!

How does my writing/creating process work?
"Process" may be a stretch :)
I make lists, as ideas pop into my head
I fill folders and notebooks with them, and hope, someday, I might run across them again!
I tend to dream in "collections"...
I love charm packs!
I've never cared much for damask prints, or chevrons.
"My process" is simply me, playing. 
Sometimes what I am "playing with" materializes, and often, it doesn't.
The determining factor in bringing ideas to fruition, for me is mostly budget, and timing, and opportunities in the quilty bloggy world, fueled by these kinds of things...
Who is having a baby?
 Is this QAL for me?
 Is Bloggers Quilt Festival coming up? 
Ack, Q4 is almost over!

Seriously, I am haphazard, at best...

I know we all love this quilty, bloggy community for so many great and sunshiny reasons!
The biggest asset this community has afforded me, personally, is the aspect of participation!

If you didn't know it already, I live in the sticks, y'all!

And I really am a Chatty Cathy, with no one but you to chat fabric with, most of the time!
If I have ever left a comment on your blog, you know this is true!
Woe to you if I actually ever "follow" your won't be able to pry me off with a spud bar! 
Seriously, the males in my household,
have a fabric threshold that is pretty it helps to have you all "out there" to play with!

So thank you ever so, for stopping by today,
 and bearing with my "remedial, no links, few photos, no format" post! 
Cabin, and outhouse, cushion covers :)

I hope you will visit a new bloggy friend of mine, Daniela, at, next Monday, November 24, as the Blog Tour goes from Montana, to Germany!
She has accomplished sew much in the short time she has been sewing! 
Her quilts are modern and gorgeous, her photos are breathtaking, and best of all, she makes you want to go sew!!
And no, she can't pry me away with a spud bar :)

SarahZ, in the Breaks

Friday, November 7, 2014

Second Q4 Finish!

This, from my Q4 list!

Kate Spain and Gingham
4 big blocks, about 24" each
48" x 48" overall

Fabrics from Terrain and Honey Honey,
and a variety of whites for the background.
I love the binding detail in the lower right corner :)

Super find on the large flannel gingham for the back... from a recent trip to Miles City!

 Quilted on either side of each seam.

This quilt has also occasioned the reopening of my little Etsy shop,
Cedar Fork Stitches
Renamed and restocked!

So I made several of my favorite little things to pretty things up!
A whole new flock of chickens, of course!

In the mix: a bright, wintery cushion, some skillet handle holders, baby crib taggies,
and the quilt, of course :) 

So many finishes, I hardly know what to do with myself!
Won't Amanda Jean be proud?!

Little big doin's around here!
Happy Fall, y'all!