Sunday, March 22, 2015


Shock and awe here this morning...have you seen this??
Lotta Joann's!!!

End of announcement...I just had to share!!
You're most welcome!! :)
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two of My Favorite Things

A finished quilt and a sunrise!
My first finish for the Q1 Finish along!

From "Happy Stack"...
I followed this free pattern by Jeni Baker of In Color Order.

I even assigned each of my fabrics to each of the fabrics in the pattern, from darks to light, as best I could.
I decided to change the arrangement slightly to accommodate my limited machine quilting skills. 
Since I still can't free motion quilt...I have no feed dog cover or darning foot...
                    I went with a fairly close zigzag quilting, with the lines just under an inch apart.

You all know how much I love my choice of backing! It is as if by not actively looking for a backing, I was just using my "fabric peripherals" and this came along perfectly! 
Another first for me was machine binding to both front and back!
This is not the optimum choice for me usually, but I really wanted to try it, and this particular quilt was just suited for it.  I took Jeni B.'s advice to sew s l o w l y, and I am happy with the results.
This pattern is called "Fly Home".
In commemoration of our frequent moves since 2007, I think I may call mine "Back and Forth"!
Or maybe "Mont-iana".
Or "Big Sky Hoosier"?
"Which Way Is Home?"

In any case, it is finished! 

Some Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Fly Home by Jeni Baker
Finished size: 56" x 72"
Fabrics, with what detail I can remember:
Garden Party by Jane Dixon in red, brown and green
Terrain by Kate Spain in blue
Echo by Lotta Jansdotter in brown
Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House in semi-sweet, because I ran out of the brown Lotta and this was a really close match
Pearl Bracelets in Peach and Cotton candy
Green and light blue polka dots of unknown designer
A couple pieces of Comma by Zen Chic in green, for the same reason as the pearl bracelets...I ran out of the green dot, and filled in with the Comma
Black and white gingham from Joann's
Glimma by Lotta in rosey cheeks for the backing
A quirky combination of fabrics, but I think that is all of them :)

What about "West Midwest"?
Okay I'll stop now!

And try for one more Q1 finish!
Wish me luck!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Finishes!

In keeping with my leisurely pace this year, I have a couple small-ish finishes to share today!

My Mother's birthday is later this month so I thought I would make her a couple little somethings.
I knew I wanted to make her a zippered pouch. She makes frequent overnight trips to various of my sisters' homes, and I thought it might be useful for those.

Four charms from Lotta Jansdotter's Sylvia collection and a couple 2" strips of osnaburg

I used a 7" zipper, and it measures 8.5" x 5.75"

I also wanted to make her a summer "wreath". She won a quilted Christmas Wreath in a silent auction and was so tickled with it, I thought this ever-sweet pattern would be perfect for the warmer season!

It has rather over-sized corner tabs for hanging. I hope it will fit over the same framed picture in her entry as the Christmas one did.

In keeping with the first of this pattern that I made and called "Winter Sparkle",
 I call this one "Summer Frolic" :)
I used five 5" charms of Basic Grey's PB&J, and one 5" charm of their Persimmon, along with another Persimmon print for the binding. 
It ended up measuring 22" x 22"

I also made up a drawstring bag for my Hoosier friend, Hannah, whose birthday is also this month.
The boys put in a few things, including a handmade coyote call and some candies to sweeten the package.
It was very fun to use a couple of those fat quarters I won awhile back. 
Ducks in a Row, by American Jane :)

Wishing my Mom and Hannah the happiest of birthdays! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


...this is just cool, like Johnny....

...quilting and sunshine go sew well together....

...there are birthdays in March....

...this really is a true "selfie" of my Mom...and it makes me so happy!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

After the scrappy frenzy abated last week, I was able to get back to some projects that had languished a bit, waiting on a fresh store of materials with which to sew onward...

"Seeing Stars" with my Figures HSTs

I also made a test block for Ben's "Peaks and Paddocks", and upon it's successful outcome, proceeded to cut all the background, and began sewing the 48 charm pairs for the 96 HST units needed.
I tested it because, unlike the original Bake Shop recipe, which used a variety of light prints for the background, I am only using white. I figured I could eliminate a couple seams by using a single strip through the center of the block, instead of 3 white squares. I will quilt it as tho the seams are there, and I think it will work out just fine :)

My weekend began with a little housework...
A girl's gotta do what she's gotta do, right?
It is sew fun to be completing this quilt! As funny as the palette is, I still find it as pleasing as when I first pulled the "happy stack"!

It won't be long and I will be binding it up...any guesses as to what I will use for that?

Oh! I almost forgot to mention...I made a barn quilt as part of a collaboration with Linda Hungerford for American Quilter magazine.  The article is in the March 2015 issue....check out my post about it here!

Here's to happy sewing where you are!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Scraps Be Gone

I don't have a very good explanation of how this happened. The last thing I remember Friday (February 6) is me, kinda pacing, trying to land on something for the day. With unexpected suddenness, and the vision of a fabric raptor, I spied ziploc bags, in ziploc bags, on top of ziploc bags....I locked my wings and dove straight into them! They had to go!

To be frank, I don't have lots of scraps. In fact most of what I consider my "stash" would be someone else's scraps...most of it being fat quarters or smaller.

But thanks to all the scrap savers out there, most notably, Amanda Jean at CrazyMomQuilts, and Carla at LollyQuiltz (and her "free" quilts), I save bits. And put them in ziploc bags, loosely by color. And then, because all my fabric is in a tub, I am constantly pulling them out, to get to something else, so all the littles go into a big ziploc. Then there are the unfinished projects, each to it's own ziploc...well, I think you get the picture.
It isn't as if I didn't have other plans for the weekend.  Nice, tidy, quilt-in-the-dining-room kind of plans...

But as everyone knows:  scrappy business is messy business!
Into the vortex of this veritable "scrap-nado" I spun!
Round and round I went, log cabin style, letting the scrap volume of each color loosely determine the width of it's respective "log".
Working my way out in rainbow order...
A "ROYGIV" something! Not even on my radar, much less a to-do list...seriously, this project somehow made me make it.....
And it has been really, really fun it that aspect too...the intensity of having it to do, even though it wasn't anything I even remotely planned. I was head down for three days...the guys just stayed out of the way...
At the end of each day, it was folded up and the scraps put away, in the tub, until the morrow, when it all came out again,
I took a couple days breather, midweek, after the orange went on.

Finishing the last round of red on Saturday and Sunday.
I foresee another round of black and white prints, or maybe a b/w gingham :) Some white or other solid to bring it up to a good throw size.  But for now, the top is at rest, and I can get back to my "regularly scheduled" and much needed HST therapy!!!

Appropriately enough, I happened upon the linky party Scraptastic Tuesday, at Mrs.Sew and Sow, with only one day left!
So we will link this baby up just under the wire!  Yay!!!

Scraptastic Tuesday
(I even got the button right!!!!)

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