Monday, May 18, 2015

A Spring Blogger's Grande
This is my second entry, large quilt category, in the Spring Bloggers Festival!
I also have a mini entered :)
Meet "Happy Mail"!
Adapted from a pattern by Jeni Baker of In Color Order
I love the fabrics...just a bunch of favorites that threw themselves together,
more about that here
For this entry, I went to the yard for a handful of fresh photos :)
with my "pet" sage :)
Everything is so clear and vibrant this morning after 2 days of rain!

I especially like this one, taken against the wall of our new straw bale building :)
Good ol' straight-line, zig-zag quilting
I simply swoon over the Lotta Jansdotter fabric on the back,
Olavi, in "rosey cheeks" from the Glimma collection.
"Happy Mail"
56" x 72"
Pattern: adapted from Fly Home by Jeni Baker

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy the Festival!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Some Like It Hot!

Nuanced Neon
A Neon Mosaic Contest
This is perhaps the easiest mosaic I have had the pleasure of putting together yet!
Let me just say right from the get go, I love neon colors and in spite of Rachel's very convincing prose and gorgeous photos, Nuanced Neon is an oxymoron to me!
Some Like It Hot!

I very eagerly went through the catalog of beautiful fabrics by color, and quickly scrolled through, until I found the couple in each group that by temperature alone made my eyes neon happy! Shot cottons, Sun Prints and Natural History shimmered among the others! Then the geometry print from Ex Libris played so great with all of them and just had to be included!
As for "nuanced", I thought, the only other element that might brighten my choices was a white, and when I found the Playground fabric, with scattered brights, I knew it was the icing on this bright and happy cake!
If you would like to join in the fun, this contest is open through May 20th, and  2 winners will receive a fat quarter bundle of their winning mosaic!

Oooh, I so hope I win this one!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Spring Blogger's Mini

Yep, it is that most wonderful time of the blogger's year again!
My entry in the mini category will come as no surprise to some of you!
It has featured in recent blog posts here and, with a few tips and links to tutorials, here!
It is certainly a shining star in my quilty sky!
I included pockets in each corner to hang variously as it suits me :)

The fabric choices are in keeping with my Simply Sawtooth BOM
Cathedral Windows Mini
9"x 18"
 A little Amy, Aneela, Kate, Khristian, Lotta, Lizzy, Denyse, Jane, Joel, and Ralph (Lauren that is) in the background, the wee orange check :)
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!

After several days alone taking care of the home front, read: keeping dogs fed and watered, catching up with online quilty friends, and sewing to my heart's content...
I am eagerly awaiting the return of my crew today!

Here are some random photos that I discovered on my father-in-law's hand-me-down laptop :)
on the banks of the Ohio River
my, how they have grown in just a couple years!

Salvaging in our Uncle's barn! He insisted :)
The boys with their Grandma, my Mother in Law, LaVonne
 Here I am in an uncommon photo with both my a quilt show!!!

My Mama, LaVonne, with my Anniversary quilt :)
She and I learned to quilt together, way back when we were newly in-laws :)
I made the little quilted jacket she is wearing, too :)

I feel very blessed today with such a wonderful family!

Told ya they were random photos!

May your day be filled with the people and things you love!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Just Dew it!!

Did you see what I did there?
 I combined Do with Sew to come up with Dew It
And that is just what must be done when it comes to these little sweeties! You know you want to!
I tried two different methods
First I tried The Fold Method, where your white foundation is folded and pressed around a paper template. The link is to a wonderful tutorial from My Go-Go Life. Cute blog :)
I used this method only once, because...

Then I tried, and really liked The Sew Method. No template, No fidgety corners to press.
There is still a bit of folding and is Cathedral Windows after all!

Both of these tutorials are easy to follow, and once you have made one, the next several you make come together super easy and quickly!

I thought that I would just add a couple little tips, little things I found myself doing, that were not mentioned in either tutorial. So here goes:

  You have your 10' foundation square. You have folded it in half and sewn the two short sides.
Tip #1:  To help the corners lay flat, I snipped the corner seam allowances open.
See that, on the far right of the photo?

So then, you have pressed the two seams open, and it looks like a flat square:
The next step is to sew that center seam, leaving a 2" hole for turning.
Tip #2.  When I matched the two sewn seams in the center, I made sure to start my line of sewing to one side of the matched seams, to catch them in my line of sewing so that I didn't have to worry about them coming apart when pressed
So here you see the other part of the seam, leaving the 2' space open for turning. 
Remember Tip #1 and snip the seam allowance open at the corners.
Here is what it looks like, all pressed and ready to turn.
 And here it is turned, and pressed again.
And you don't ever sew the turning space closed, it just gets folded under
 Now the fun part begins, as you add your colorful fabrics.
 I proceeded pretty much just as the tutorials instructed from this point on.

One last little tip, that I do not have a photo for
Tip #3: When you have folded the corners of your turned, pressed square into the center, and have put your 4 1/2' square of print fabric in and go to stitch down the center corners, I started with my needle down in the very center, backspaced one or two stitches, just to catch one corner, and then forward, through the center, and one or two stitches to catch the opposite corner, then back to center, needle down and pivot the piece, and repeat the backwards and forward and back to center for the remaining two corners. 
It took me longer to type all that than it takes to actually dew it!

Also, the button kind of gave me fits...use a longer needle than a quilting needle to get through the whole stuffed pincushion!  And,
Tip#4: Do put a little button on the underside at the same just adds a nice little finish, and makes it easier to sew the top button on, in my fumble fingered opinion :)

After making a couple pincushions, if you are inspired to make something more, like a cushion or a mini, 
Just DEW it!!!
It is such fun!

This beauty from Bonjour Quilts was the very first photo I ever added to my "favorites" on Flickr!
just, Wow!

Followed closely by this one from Chez Roo

For the life of me, I cannot seem to find the tutorial I followed in making my mini!
 I did not really set out to make a tutorial myself, so I don't have many photos of the process.
The pillow above, and my mini, are made with eight foundations that begin as 10" squares, which used just over 1/2 yard of white fabric. 

You are able to get 4  10 inch squares per width of fabric, so you need 20 inches x WOF for the foundation squares.
Once you have your 8 "sewn-pressed-turned-pressed-folded-pressed" square foundations, sew 2 rows of four, using a pin to be sure your press lines match. 
Backstitch at the start and stop points.
 And when you go to sew the two rows together, backstitch at each junction between foundations.
 Can you get the jist of it from this photo?
Then you will add your 4 1/2" squares of print and stitch down your centers. 
For my mini I used the little orange gingham..
 One thing to be mindful of in this step is to get the print snug into the "inside" corners...the "outside" corners will be in the seam allowance, for the most part.
learn from my mistakes :)
I measured the "centers" and cut squares 1/4" or so smaller for the windows. I did not measure exactly for each one, just got an average and cut them all at once...the process is very forgiving once you start sewing the little edges over.
You need 10 whole squares, and 6 additional squares, cut on diagonal for the sides...or 12 triangles.

And then it is just about stitching it up! I followed each curve all the way around.
It is sew fun! What are you waiting for?
It is surprisingly easy and a relatively quick little project!
Just Dew It!!!

And you will feel like you have pampered yourself by making something just so fun to have accomplished!

The boys are off, and I have much sewing to accomplish in the next couple days while they are gone!
I hope you do too!

Joining the party at Let's Bee Social!

**my apologies for the scant photos in this post. If you have any questions I will try my best to answer them in the comments :)
**edited to add: Yippee for sewing, not Yippee, the boys are gone! I just wanted to be clear on that, lol!

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Bittersweet Finish

I don't normally "do" hearts.
As a mother of two boys I do, however, "do" cowboys and bucking horses when it seems right.
 This little pillow, measuring 15x15 is for an old friend. 
It is made from scraps she gave me close to 25 years ago, from shirts she was making her own two little boys, who I adored.
 Her youngest, Jason, died 12 years ago this month, at the age of 16.
 I've never been able to part with these scraps, and finally made them into a heart, for Debbie.
It just felt right, to let her know that we remember and still love her Jason, after all these years.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekend Forecast...

100% chance of sew!!
But first let me show you what I did!
The culmination of a recent flurry of Cathedral Windows pincushions!
It is small, measuring 9x18
But it is pretty big to me :)

A finish to share with CrazyMomQuilts and
Finish It Up Friday