Friday, October 2, 2015

September Highlights

Back again for an overdue look at some home life "Highlights"!
Might as well start off with this smiling face!

the boy and his dog :)
We had a couple of eagerly anticipated visitors from our hometown!
friends and campfires...
Whose visit coincided with eagerly anticipated time with some seasonal neighbors!
friends and back porches!

A random yard picture, for good measure :)

It seems this time of year always highlights how we are all quite taken with the Sharptail Grouse!

 Look at silly them!

At the beginning of this month, our oldest son started his "first" job, with the State of Montana!

He is a "Hunter Access Technician" for the Block Management program, a short term (4 month) position which requires a lot of driving!
In his daily travels, he stops at a shop, an oasis, called "Bohemian Corner". The proprietress, Becki, has become a wonderful friend to our family, and she sent this surprise package home with Ben one day last week.
the book is a memento not only of this place, but also of another dear friend.
Becki really outdid herself with this one! 
Maybe Ike lived in a place like this
or this?
Ben is really covering some ground!
 he brings us wonderful pictures of his far flung travels
pronghorn antelope

Ben, of the Breaks <3
He makes it home for supper :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Welcome to this rather lengthy "edition" of Tuesday Tidbits!
First, a zippered pouch!
Long overdue, for Mary, a sewing friend back home!
osnaburg, CrossWeaves in sky, and bubble dots from Tucker Prairie, both from Moda
Have I mentioned I have been salvaging zippers? This pouch used one from a pair of Wranglers :
I really have no use for buttons...but while salvaging, I could hardly pitch 'em! lol!
The navy zippers are about 8", the tan one, from an old pair of cargo shorts is only about 6". 

I have also officially dismantled my first, and only, jelly roll!
Miss Kate has been waiting patiently...I was planning to make a Moda Bake Shop pattern,
But the moment I laid eyes on this quilt, action was taken immediately!!
to the point, pattern by Stitchery Dickory Dock!
Ooooh! It is going to be HST awesomeness!!! And my first Bonnie & Camille quilt!
I would still really like to make the 9-Patch Posie...

My Simply Sawtooth BOM has been caught up
July and August blocks
Here they are all together...there are 2 more blocks, not shown. I think 2 more sets of stars will round this out nicely.
That will bring the total number of blocks to 30, affording a 5x6 setting, for an approximately 60x72 finished quilt! 

After the Prairie Rose Garden finish, I went to my sewing corner for a little "instant gratification".
I was thinking "pin cushion", in keeping with the Good Neighbors Pin Cushion Party going on (hasn't it been such fun?)!
those 2 rectangles of 6 hsts were supposed to be the top and bottom of said pin cushion
Except the gratification took a different turn...
Using Krista@Poppyprints new-to-me method of 8-per-square HST construction...
sew to either side of each diagonal, cut each diagonal plus the vertical and horizontal
...I got a bit carried away!
Starting with my extra Tucker Prairie 4" squares these little HSTs trimmed to 1.5" and will finish at 1" :)
I don't have a pre-planned final destination for these, but I think I know the general direction
and I have cut more 4" squares...stay tuned... :)

And then, just yesterday, this happened!
Carrie of Gotcha Covered Quilting, put out a request for hexie flowers, for her healing process to come. I found out about this through her FaceBook and jumped in.

 I have never made a hexie. Never wanted to make a hexie.

 But after watching the love poured out to Rachel with Flowers For Eleni from the sidelines, I don't want "I don't do hexies" to derail my heart response to her pain.  Carrie probably doesn't "know" me in this quilty world, yet we do share it, and that is what this is about to me. 
Action today, no excuses!

These are very liable to be both my first and my last spite of the dire warnings of hexie addiction...

Little things...tidbits!
Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Prairie Rose Garden for Moda Bake Shop!

I am super excited to introduce you to my newest, favorite quilt!
This pattern is not for the HST faint of heart, but on the other hand, by the time you complete this, you may consider yourself an HST Expert!

and all the trimmings :)

I came upon this block design last August, as you may remember, and have made a couple, okay, several  different versions since then! What can I say? It is a super fun block to make!
So, naturally, I had been eyeing the different "future collections" coming from Moda for some time with this pattern in mind, and when I saw Tucker Prairie, the debut fabric line by was as if they were made for each other, all the way down to the names!!!
The great saturated colors, the geometrics, the florals, the variety of scale in Tucker Prairie...pure Prairie Rosey bliss!
The backing is a new-to-me Moda Basic...Cross Weave...seriously
I might have draped myself in the 4 1/2 yards of it!!!
and twirled around the room :)
It is such fun to see this "pet" design come to life in a bigger-than-baby-size way! 
Many thanks to the folks at Moda for giving me the opportunity, and the luscious fabric :)
testing 1 2 3...
Please check out Prairie Rose Garden on Moda Bake Shop and let me know what you think in the comments over there...I sure do appreciate it!!!
Sew happy to link up again with Lorna and friends at Let's Bee Social!
And a real finish to share @Finish It Up Friday with CrazyMomQuilts!

**On one other fun side note....
As I was finishing this quilt up, the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop happened...
And, another Sarah, of 123Quilt, also came up with this block!
My eyes nearly popped when I spotted her block among all the other wonderful blocks on Jayne's pinterest  collection. It is so pretty in solids, and her assembly method is easy and quick, too.
I think the timing remarkable, as I had been rather head down with the completion of Prairie Rose! Oh, and before she was married, she was a SarahZ too!
Very appropriate for us to be on the same wavelength, I think :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Silver Lining...a finish :)

My second Q3 finish! Yay!

Meet "Silver Lining"

My own personal reminder of Exodus, by the talented Kim, of Leland Ave. Studios :)
The abundant green of Spring got away from me before I could get a picture of this in a big green field, the opposite of the icy white background in the original Exodus photos....
so I settled for a little green patch of grass in my yard :)

And I remembered the little black square from the front and center :)

All linked up over at Lorna's Let's Bee Social :)
and Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fabric Fest!

It seems to be feast or famine around here, and after a rather long spell of allowing myself only the very basic of sewing necessities, I am most giddy to share the recent fabric feast going on here! It all started with this wonderful bundle I have already shown you...Curiosities (mostly!)
Then, while following along with the Yuma QAL with Gotham Quilts, I was a !WINNER! of a gift certificate on Lisa in Port Hope's day! Oh joy, to shop for whim and pleasure....
These are all random half-yards...and I just love them all!
I love that the tiny gingham even goes with Amy Butler! I <3 gingham!
Then.....we took a couple days and ran over to  Bozeman, the funnest town in the state, and my childhood hometown :)  I knew there was a quilt shop on Main, but had never been there...
The top two are from Bozeman, the bottom three are from another shop, in Livingston!
Can you feel the fabric giddiness?? As if all this impromptu, unplanned fabric acquisition wasn't enough, THIS was on my porch waiting for me when we returned home!!!
*happy dance*
Yep, something new, coming soon to a Bake Shop near you!!!

On the actual sewing front...not much, because we are busy tying up loose ends, getting ready for a pretty big move...but there are these:
A set of coasters I made yesterday, as a thank you gift to the couple we stayed with in Bozeman...

So glad I can share all these goodies with folks who appreciate them, no offence to the menfolk around here ;)
Let's Bee Social!!
Oh yes please, let's!